Jeness Woodard, LCSW

Utah Therapists Joy Johnson LCSWJeness received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and Master’s of Social Work from Ohio State University. She is a skilled mental health therapist with over 10 years of experience dealing with many areas of Social work, including, what many call, the most difficult areas of practice. Jeness has worked with youth experiencing the stresses of life today as well as DCFS cases. She has experience in a variety of treatment methods including Trauma Informed treatment, such as EMDR and others. Jeness brings a great depth to the team with her extensive experience with Level 1 Trauma, transplant and chronic illness. She enjoys working with clients of all ages; from teens and young adults, as they journey through the difficulties that await them, to adults and the elderly and the challenges of life in today’s society.

Jeness also has experience working with: